Toni Momberger's Focus on the Redlands City Council

A vote for Toni is a vote for Redlands

Reducing the homeless population

Local Businesses

Strengthening the economy by promoting local businesses

Trees and Orange Groves

Investment in orange groves and street trees


Recharging the water table

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Dear Redlands Voters,

My priorities are the things that make Redlands special: our street trees and orange groves, the library, unique independent businesses, our history, the arts, and public safety — which includes our access to safe, clean water, soil and air.
To me, being a councilwoman means constantly educating myself so I can vote responsibly. It means showing up, and showing up prepared. It means making hard decisions. It means being available, respectful and accountable to you.
If you agree with my approach and you share my values, please support me to honor the past, promote the present and shape the future of our great community.
-Toni Momberger

Priority Issues:

  • -Adequate modern equipment and staff for our public safety departments
  • -Stewardship of parks and open space
  • -Economic development that contributes to the prosperity of all Redlands, and that reflects our character and honors our history
  • -Branding as a hub for performing and visual arts
  • -Inclusive opportunities for the youth community
  • -Green infrastructure and workforce housing

Who Can Vote for Toni Momberger on 11/06/2018?

Every Registered Redlands Voter.

(All Districts can Vote for Toni) 

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Scott Welsh

Toni Momberger has the intelligence, grace, and humility to lead our community. She has already shown a determination to question why decisions are made, and work collaboratively to improve each area of our general plan. She is approachable, honest, and obviously loves and cares for our community.

Scott Welsh

President at Redlands Chamber of Commerce
Mark H. McGuire

I support Toni for Redlands City Counsel and hosted an event for her not because she has generations of deep roots in this city and not because she is dedicated to bettering our community or for her years of experience with local service clubs and passion to make our city better. I support her because she takes the time to listen, she is thoughtful, professional, direct and polite. She is the kind of leader we need and she deserves our support for those qualities, in addition to all the other stated reasons know to so many she has supported over the years.

Mark H. McGuire

Attorney and Kiwanian, Redlands, CA
Cynthia McGuigan

Since I have had the privilege of getting acquainted with Toni Momberger her vision and passion for the City of Redlands has been overwhelming. She has a strong focus on saving our local businesses, working towards eliminating homelessness, and bringing positive change to our community. Additionally, she goes above and beyond for the people and organizations of Redlands. She has gone out of her way several times to meet with me just to answer questions. I have no doubt that our city will be in good hands with Toni as our City Council Representative.

Cynthia McGuigan

CADC ll CAODC -A-CS Executive Director at Steps4Life
Mario Saucedo

Here’s what I know about Toni and her commitment to the city of Redlands. She is like my self a product of this wonderful city. She is deeply rooted in passion of service to her community. I support her continuing service as a city councilwoman as she uses her diverse background of experience to guide Redlands into the next phase of smart growth and protect our heritage. I’m confident she will keep Redlands the jewel of the Inland Empire.

Mario Saucedo

Redlands resident & community advocate
Diane Shimota

I am thrilled to be able to vote for Toni Momberger for city council in the 2018 election. Toni is an active participant in the community of Redlands, volunteering in many capacities. Because she grew up here, she fully understands the needs of this community and will continue to be a shining star on our city council. I have been so impressed by her attitude of inclusion since she was appointed to the council. When she attends leadership conferences, she asks the Redlands community what sessions we would like her to attend and what knowledge we would like her to bring back to Redlands. Since joining the council she has worked very hard to listen to all sides of each issue with compassion and understanding. She thoroughly researches every topic in order to make wise and informed decisions. I am sure she will continue to do her utmost best to represent the community in the future.

Diane Shimota

Adult Literacy Coordinator, Redlands

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