About Toni Momberger

Dear Redlands Voters,

My commitment to serving this community is my defining trait.

I was born and raised here. My mother, my children and even my grandparents spent their childhoods walking along the streets, playing in the parks, shopping in the buildings and attending the schools that anchor our environment.

Redlands is my home and my history, and I care deeply about doing right by it.

Here is what that means to me:

  • Investing in our urban forest — planting new, trimming what we’ve got and removing what’s dead
  • Supporting public safety efforts, which includes not only safety from crime but access to clean air, water and soil
  • Continuing to shape the community as directed by the General Plan
  • Supporting a thriving small business environment
  • Preventing and alleviating homelessness
  • Promoting our brand as a destination for performing and visual arts
  • Supporting the A.K. Smiley Public Library’s operations and programs
  • Remembering the impact of community and activity on our youth
  • Protecting parks and open space
  • Encouraging economic development that contributes to prosperity for all Redlanders.

I am asking you to vote for me to continue to represent your vision for Redlands as a councilwoman, honoring the past, promoting the present and shaping the future.

Thank you,
Toni Chapman Momberger
909-213-2169 cell

  • -Adequate Modern Equipment and Staff for our Public Safety Departments
  • -Stewardship of parks and open space
  • -Economic development that contributes to the prosperity of all Redlands, and that reflects our character and honors our history
  • -Branding as a hub for performing and visual arts
  • -Inclusive opportunities for the youth community
  • -Green infrastructure and workforce housing

Community Involvement


  • Redlands delegate in Southern California Association of Governments
  • Redlands delegate for the League of California Cities
  • Redlands representative in Confire, SBCTA, the Santa Ana River Trail Policy Advisory Board, the Interagency Council on Homelessness and the League of California Cities
  • Board member of Redlands Sunrise Rotary, Friends of the Smiley Library, Building a Generation and AAUW Redlands
  • Redlands Hometown Heroes committee (we do the flags for soldiers around town)
  • Committee to replace the statue at Jennie Davis Park honoring the families of soldiers.
  • Community Hero Awards committee, founding member
  • Redlands Pub Talk committee, founding member
  • Member of the Redlands Conservancy


  • Two-time recipient of the Redlands Council of PTAs continuing service to youth award
  • Redlands Community Hero Award
  • Rotary recognition for community service from the district governor
  • Summer Austin Award from the Unforgettables
  • Community support recognition plaque from Steps 4 Life
  • AAUW Named Gift Honoree for community service
  • Official recognition on the floor of the House of Representatives for service to community

    Ms. Momberger has been a staple in the Inland Empire community as an advocate for civic engagement, accountability and transparency in San Bernardino County…. Her ability to engage the Redlands community and to give a voice to our region has been an invaluable service for which we will always be grateful…. As a Redlands resident raising my family in this community, I thank Ms. Momberger for her hard work and accomplishments that have pushed our region forward. I also commend her on her achievements as a journalist and community leader…. –Congressman Pete Aguilar

  • Named Journalist of the Year nationally by DFM specifically for using the paper to serve the community

    The notion of the newspaper as the pillar of the community is difficult to maintain in an age of alternative news sources and increasing skepticism toward the news media. Toni Momberger has beaten the odds with her leadership at the Redlands Daily Facts. She wins this award, in part, for fostering a newsroom culture that has deep roots in the community it covers. She’s also a committed journalist, taking a balanced approach to coverage. From “meet the editor” days to a column on the Mexican history of Redlands to a weekly series of video interviews for the city’s 125th anniversary, Momberger has demonstrated a deep commitment to the place her newspaper covers — an approach that surely pays dividends in reader loyalty. – DFM (Digital First Media)

    And: Toni Momberger epitomizes the best of small-daily journalism. The hard-charging, passionate and caring editor of the Redlands Daily Facts, Toni believes in her community, believes in the people of her community and believes with every bit of her soul that the news organization’s most important mission is to serve the community. Jim Brady still talks about the day he spent with Toni, as she excitedly drove him throughout the town and recited tales of community lore that had taken place decades before she was even born. I remember the day I suggested we go to a Starbucks to talk. She refused — only a locally-owned coffee shop was acceptable. Yet Toni is far from a community cheerleader. She is a newswoman. She reports the bad and the good and ensures her staff seeks both. She is committed to her community, and strives, as all good editors should, to improve it by providing readers with news, context and insight on important issues and events. She has exacting standards for her staff. Working at the Daily Facts is hard work, as each member of the newsroom will tell you. In this, Toni leads by example, often working long hours to cover a story or events herself or to represent the newspaper at community events after hours. She guards the town’s memory, and in many ways, she is the town’s memory and its conscience. – DFM (Digital First Media)


  • Served on the LCAP Advisory Committee for RUSD
  • Started a school newspaper program for elementary students, which won first place in the National Scholastic Press Association competition four years in a row
  • Volunteered throughout RUSD in their school paper programs
  • Sewed and donated hundreds of costumes in drama programs various RUSD schools
  • 11-year band mom in RUSD, hemming, chaperoning, spraying, loading equipment, cooking and raising money for multiple youth music programs
  • Sewed the cargo bags for the entire REV color guard
  • 14-year PTA member, room mom and general school volunteer
  • Destination Imagination coach
  • Started a special weekly section of the Redlands Daily Facts devoted to keeping parents of students informed
  • Participant in Dancing With the Stars to benefit the Redlands Symphony
  • Two-time national anthem singer at the Redlands Bowl
  • Two-time mistress of ceremonies at the Redlands Bowl
  • Two-time intermission speaker at the Redlands Bowl
  • Rotary Four-Way Test Speech Contest coordinator for Redlands teens
  • Pajama Storytime volunteer reader at A.K. Smiley Public Library


  • Small-business owner of two companies, one for communications and one that creates tactical reconnaissance software for police and fire safety.
  • Previous substitute teacher in RUSD
  • Fourth-generation Redlander (born at Redlands Community Hospital in 1969)
  • Graduate of the University of Colorado, with a degree in linguistics
  • Former editor of the Redlands Daily Facts


Scott Welsh

Toni Momberger has the intelligence, grace, and humility to lead our community. She has already shown a determination to question why decisions are made, and work collaboratively to improve each area of our general plan. She is approachable, honest, and obviously loves and cares for our community.

Scott Welsh

President at Redlands Chamber of Commerce
Mark H. McGuire

I support Toni for Redlands City Counsel and hosted an event for her not because she has generations of deep roots in this city and not because she is dedicated to bettering our community or for her years of experience with local service clubs and passion to make our city better. I support her because she takes the time to listen, she is thoughtful, professional, direct and polite. She is the kind of leader we need and she deserves our support for those qualities, in addition to all the other stated reasons know to so many she has supported over the years.

Mark H. McGuire

Attorney and Kiwanian, Redlands, CA
Cynthia McGuigan

Since I have had the privilege of getting acquainted with Toni Momberger her vision and passion for the City of Redlands has been overwhelming. She has a strong focus on saving our local businesses, working towards eliminating homelessness, and bringing positive change to our community. Additionally, she goes above and beyond for the people and organizations of Redlands. She has gone out of her way several times to meet with me just to answer questions. I have no doubt that our city will be in good hands with Toni as our City Council Representative.

Cynthia McGuigan

CADC ll CAODC -A-CS Executive Director at Steps4Life
Mario Saucedo

Here’s what I know about Toni and her commitment to the city of Redlands. She is like my self a product of this wonderful city. She is deeply rooted in passion of service to her community. I support her continuing service as a city councilwoman as she uses her diverse background of experience to guide Redlands into the next phase of smart growth and protect our heritage. I’m confident she will keep Redlands the jewel of the Inland Empire.

Mario Saucedo

Redlands resident & community advocate

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