Water Collection Redlands

I would love for us to lead the way as a model for creative and effective storm water retention to recharge our water basin. With forward thinking water-capture engineering we can qualify for infrastructure funding. The basins should serve as attractive street medians, bike pump tracks, stadiums, amphitheaters and sunken parks. This has a side benefit of increasing our safety in a flood, which we need.

The flood that is predicted will put downtown two feet under water. Those businesses that will re-open will remain closed for a minimum of 18 months. That’s an enormous hit to our sales tax revenue. My pursuit right now is funding. I don’t want to initiate a tax; the money for resilience infrastructure is out there and I plan to go get it.

Toni Momberger's Focus on the Redlands City Council

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Reducing the homeless population

Local Businesses

Strengthening the economy by promoting local businesses

Trees and Orange Groves

Investment in orange groves and street trees


Recharging the water table

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