Local Businesses in Redlands

Local independent businesses are the key to a strong local economy.
They build our general fund through the tax multiplier effect; they are easier on our infrastructure and environment; they are more likely to participate in community decisions; they support service clubs and school programs; they make us more desirable for businesses and residents; and they support the character of the community.
I’ve made a presentation on the incredible impact of shopping local, which Chamber of Commerce President Scott Welsh and I have been giving to service clubs and community groups.
As a councilwoman I have made sure local business opportunity and support is part of every land use and development discussion, specifically how independent businesses can get a fair shot for tenancy in high-profile location projects.
As a member of various local boards, I have ensured fundraising and social events support local businesses.
And as a resident, I have always treated my dollars as votes.

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Local Businesses

Strengthening the economy by promoting local businesses

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